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Full-Day Cruise with Lunch, Drinks & Swim Stops  

Up to 35 guests
50% oftotal capacity
Openbar wine / juice


The cruise departs at 10am from Corfus old port.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as we set sail from the old port of Corfu. The stunning view of the Old Venetian fortress and the old town of Corfu, with its breathtaking Venetian architecture, will leave you in awe.

As we head towards the north eastern side of Corfu, our first stop will be near Kerassia, where you can indulge in a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters. We will continue our journey and discover a plethora of impressive landmarks, including Kouloura, and the splendid villa previoysly owned by the Anielli family. You'll also catch a glimpse of the Kerassia tower, which has hosted some of the most prominent guests, including members of the British Royal family.

Before noon, we will arrive at the bay under the Erimitis forest, a sanctuary of natural beauty boasting three protected wetlands, 82 species of registered flora, and 36 species and sub-species of wild orchids. During this stop, you can enjoy a refreshing swim while savoring a delicious lunch served on board.

We will then sail towards Peristeres Lighthouse, where you'll have the chance to witness one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece. On our way back, we will make one final stop for a swim, allowing you to make the most of this unforgettable journey.

Join us for an exciting day filled with breathtaking scenery, natural beauty, and refreshing swims that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Extra information

What is Included
  • Coffee and cake in the morning, greek style bruschetta for snack
  • On-board Barbeque Lunch consisting of chicken/pork Souvlaki, tzatziki, salad accompanied with local products, pita bread and seasonal fruits.
  • Complimentary house wine, soft drinks, juice and water throughout the cruise
  • All safety equipment
  • Fuel
  • Taxes

Departing at 10am. Total duration 6 hours 30mins

Starting Point

Old port of Corfu (Please refer to the map on the home page for exact location or add the folowing link on google maps )

Is there WiFi on board?

You can access free WiFi Internet while onboard our boat. We use a 4G device, within the framework of our service to passenger communication needs through mobile telephony. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will be available at all times or in all locations due to the limitations of cellular coverage.

Are there special diet menus?

If any passenger has special dietary needs, please inform us at least one day before departure. We will do our best to meet those needs.

What clothes are most comfortable to wear?

Please choose to dress lightly, selecting comfortable cotton clothing and of course your swimming suits. It is recommended to continuously wear sunglasses and a hat and apply protective sunscreen lotions with high SPF. 

What shoes are preferable?

Flat shoes, sandals and sneakers or any shoe with low heel is suggested so that you can safely and conveniently move around the boat.

Can I charge my phone or camera during the cruise?

The boat is wired electrically with 220v. In case your device requires 110v please bring with you the proper adapter.

Can I find prescription medicine on-board?

If during your cruise you require prescription medicine, please do not forget to bring the medicine with you. If your medication requires refrigeration, kindly inform our personnel. In the event that you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is advised that you have an additional pair available.

Can I book the cruise for special events?

We can host birthday parties, wedding receptions and any event you wish. Kindly contact our team and let us organize the event of your dreams!

Can an infant travel on board?

Babies under 3 months of age are not allowed to travel for their own safety and security. Babies over 3 months can travel only if you have the necessary equipment for them. We wish to inform you that we do not supply baby food or milk and do NOT have a babysitting service on board.

Is there medical assistance on board for emergencies?

There is NO doctor on board. However, our personnel are trained to provide first-aid assistance in the event of a medical emergency until the boat docks at the nearest port.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Based on Greek Law, smoking is prohibited in the indoor area of the ship. Smoking signs are placed in the special smoking areas.

Will my mobile phone work during the cruise?

Yes. During the entire cruise, there is network coverage of mobile communication, so any friend or family member can contact you at any time.

What is the discount policy on minors travelling on board?

Children until 6 years old are free of charge, children from 6-12 years old pay half ticket. Please carry with you the necessary documents to certify the age.

Can I bring alcohol and food on board?

The consumption of alcoholic drinks and food that are not provided by the boats crew is not allowed on board.

Are there facilities for passengers with special needs?

Unfortunately there are no facilities on board to host passengers with special needs.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, NO. There are no facilities on board to host your small friends.

Can I travel if I’m pregnant?

We recommend that women who are in their 12th week of pregnancy seek medical advice prior to traveling. We also recommend that pregnant women who have completed or will complete the 28th week of pregnancy, at any stage, while on board, submit a medical certification confirming their ability to travel. The Transporter/ Carrier has every right to request this information at any stage during the cruise or even refuse transport if the Carrier and/ or the Captain are not convinced that the passenger will be safe during the cruise.

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