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Is there WiFi on board?

You can access free WiFi Internet while onboard our boat. We use a 4G device, within the framework of our service to passenger communication needs through mobile telephony. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will be available at all times or in all locations due to the limitations of cellular coverage.

Will my mobile phone work during the cruise?

Yes. During the entire cruise, there is network coverage of mobile communication, so any friend or family member can contact you at any time.

Can I bring alcohol and food on board?

The consumption of alcoholic drinks and food that are not provided by the boats crew is not allowed on board.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Based on Greek Law, smoking is prohibited in the indoor area of the ship. Smoking signs are placed in the special smoking areas.

What shoes are preferable?

Flat shoes, sandals and sneakers or any shoe with low heel is suggested so that you can safely and conveniently move around the boat.

What clothes are most comfortable to wear?

Please choose to dress lightly, selecting comfortable cotton clothing and of course your swimming suits. It is recommended to continuously wear sunglasses and a hat and apply protective sunscreen lotions with high SPF.